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Welcome on the web site of Demetrio Chiodi

I am the owner of regular order for the chemical- stechiometric copyright that has been
authenticated at 06.07.1989 by Edward N. Perugini, public notary of Buena, Commune of
New Jersey - U.S.A.;

I am the private researcher that has been declared “inventor” since 21.05.1998 by the Italian Trade and Industry Ministry in the granting of the patent for pattern utility nr. 00228701 with this title : - “chemical- physical industrial plant of (developed X- ray, photographs and films) urban assimilated waste material and the total treatment for disposal and complete reconversion of second raw materials and recycling at closed circuit of the primary processing water ”;

It’s possible to find my international patent on IBM Patent Server pn = IT0228701Y1 (search results for 1991- 93), on Government India’s Patents Website NIC (search results for 1991-1993), on Patent & Know- how Information Division (search results for 1991- 93), on European Esp@cenet, on the Italian Filpat ;

I offer:

the unlimited use of my chemical- stechiometric and physical process in patent that
exists in industrial prototype form that has been well-tried after permission of Calabrian

I have the industrial project for daily recovery of 12 tons of X-ray films. My project has been approved in Italy by the Calabrian Regional Committee. This after very long deliberations nr. 2605 and nr. 1288 published in Official Gazette- B.U.R. n. 90 of 30.10.1993 (pages 6670 /71) and n. 39 of 30.04.1996 (page 1901)- but without to order the act of public-private Convention in capacity of Concessionaire that is obligatory (fixed by European/Italian Legislative Decree n° 22/1997 article 27.9);
now I am at your disposal to perform the industrial lay-out in Your Country with my personnel management for the industrial realization. This also on the ground of the valued refusal formation in the world, the getting rid system, the environmental and economic benefit following from the recycling of the recovered second raw materials;

80144 Napoli (NA) - Via Stornaiuolo Cosimo Canonico, 33 - phone + 39 081 7374912 -